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Ernie Traugh – Marion, IA



Ernie Traugh is owner of Cedar Valley Outfitters, Eastern Iowa’s one-stop shop for guns, ammo, gear & training since 2001. On top of running his store, Traugh is also a firearms instructor teaching hundreds of Iowan’s each year and serves as a reserve officer with the local police department.

Why CFS:

I have always had a passion to help people. Being a reserve officer for 10 years as well as through personal past experiences, I know this world is not a safe place and people need training.

The Intuitive Defensive Shooting system helps people understand how their body and mind reacts during the stress of a potentially lethal encounter and gives them a better understanding how to use their defensive tools.

Knowing that people in my community have a source to learn the skills that could make them safer is important to me, which is why I took it upon myself to become a Intuitive Defensive Shooting instructor.

Keep learning. Keep Training. Keep getting educated.

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