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Clint Sand – MA



Clint is the founder and owner of Progressive Defense, and Director of Firearms Training and Education for the Liberal Gun Club, a national non-profit organization actively developing new instructors that offer firearms training to gun-owners in an open, inclusive environment. In this role he focuses both on educating new gun owners on responsible gun ownership and, through Intuitive Defensive Shooting, helping them build the basic competencies needed for armed defense. 

Clint is also certified by the Massachusetts State Police to teach all required material for students to obtain their License to Carry required by the state and often does private lessons for families who want to learn about firearms but are uncomfortable in larger, classroom settings. 

Why IDS:

As a student myself, I experienced what many others experience when they first consider owning firearms for personal protection. Basic firearms classes often required to obtain firearm permits are often solely focused on general knowledge, target shooting, hunting, and shooting sports; not on self defense. While defensive training options are plentiful, other approaches often come from competition shooting or military perspectives where tactics do not always translate into the most plausible life or death scenarios faced by average citizens. Finally, most gun owners lack the resources to focus on more traditional approaches that attempt to mimic world-class competition shooters with high performance in both speed and accuracy. These approaches are very expensive, require tons of time and dedication which makes results out of reach for most gun owners who need a defensive training approach that focuses on building and maintaining base competency with as little resources as possible. 

By focusing on the bodies natural reactions in realistic, worst case scenarios my own experience and those of my students shows that IDS is the most practical and efficient approach for students to develop competencies needed with the least amount of time, energy, and effort (and cost) as possible. 


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