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Claudio Colombo – Italy


Hi, I am Claudio and I live in Italy, not far from Milan. When I was a boy, I trained as judoka, arriving very close to be qualified for the Italian Championship. Being an amateur of martial arts, I started to deal also in the world of the personal defense, even if I got my personal best results with boxing competition. I am a very enthusiast of the knife world since ever and a collector. Recently I started to cooperate with the Italian edition of an online magazine named Gunsweek.com. I started as shooter around the year 2000, joining competition for about five years. Then I started to teach. In the meantime I started the way to build my skills in the world of defensive shooting, attending as much classes as possible, but all covering different way-of-thinking in that field. At present, I am in charge as Lead Instructor inside the UITS (Italian Union of the Shooting Range) and also Coach and Range Officer, in the same organization for a branch, which is a sport discipline close to the IPSC.

Why CFS:
Since a long time, meeting several shooters, enthusiasts and academic of defensive shooting, I realized how important is to select and forward to the student, technical skills appropriate and battle proven.
So I understand how important is to add the classes with skills concerning the cognitive and emotional part of a CDI. Then I understand how relevant is the physiologic and physic component in a CDI and how much important is add these issues during the training sessions.
Reading the book of Rob Pincus I found the answers to my question and a clear methodology to teach such skills. In that precise moment, I decided to attend to the Rob’s classes. Thanks to Alessandro Padovani and Rob, I found inside the CFS a structured where, behind every drill there are hours of study, thanks to which the same drills provide to the student all the elements need in that contest. The benefits of a CFS class are immediate and reachable from a wide variety of student, independently form their own skills. The CFS target provide a real feedback of the performance, making clear the improvement time by time during the class. Aside this the CFS concepts can be implemented into different matter classes, increasing also the experience of the sport shooters.
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