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Andy Loeffler – Delaware, OH



Andy Loeffler is the lead firearms instructor for Mid-Ohio IMB.

Andy has been teaching in the private sector since 1999 and was the primary defensive shooting instructor at Black Wing Shooting Center, a NASR five-star rated training range and gun store located in Delaware, Ohio. Additionally, Andy is a certified Intuitive Defensive Shooting instructor and is a contributing writer for the Personal Defense Network.

A U.S. Army veteran, Andy retired from the Ohio Army National Guard, where he served as the Senior Small Arms Instructor for the State’s Master Weapons Training Team.

Andy currently works in corporate security. He can be reached at via his email address below.

Why CFS:

Like most teachers, I feel that my job is to provide my students with information that is accurate, relevant, and above all, useful. And while there is a lot of hard-earned gunfighting methodology out there, much of it fails to pass the “relevant and useful” test. Programs that have their genesis in some shadowy “Spec Ops” unit or years of gritty SWAT cop door-kicking are mostly useful for training high-level team operators. Because the majority of my students are armed civilians seeking to better protect themselves and their loved ones I tend to look toward techniques that emphasize individual response to unexpected danger: and that is exactly what Intuitive Defensive Shooting offers. What makes Intuitive Defensive Shooting really stand out is that it combines an unprecedented level of scientific research with a very straightforward presentation which makes it accessable and understandable (see “useful”) to almost anybody. I both teach and practice Intuitive Defensive Shooting because I believe it to be the benchmark of defensive firearms training now and into the future.


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